Savory & Moore Pharmacy

The Savory and Moore Pharmacy, London

The Savory and Moore Pharmacy provides visitors the opportunity to step back in time to an age before the mass production of pharmaceutical products. Originally located in London at 29 Chapel Street, Belgrave, the pharmacy operated from 1849 to 1968 and the furniture and fittings were donated to the Medical History Museum in 1971 by The Wellcome Trust.

  • "The pharmacy was [originally] opened in 1849 at 29 Chapel Street as one of the branches of Savory and Moore’s main shop in New Bond Street and was constructed in a converted portion of a Georgian terrace house… Until it closed in 1968 the shop supplied the needs of the fashionable inhabitants of Belgrave Square and of Buckingham Palace nearby; in the window was the notice of Warrant of Appointment to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh with his coat-of-arms. When it closed Savory and Moore presented the fittings to the Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine. The reconstructed shop has been developed as a museum exhibit to show the types of drugs available in the latter part of the last century when all medicines were compounded on the premises by the pharmacist and in this regard most of the bottles and jars came from the Palmer’s Pharmacy, Ballarat, most with their contents of the period 1870-1890; all these are strictly contemporary with the ones originally in the Chapel Street Shop. ...there is a small display of pre-1920 drugs manufactured by Burroughs Wellcome and other firms."

Extract from A Notable Pharmacy comes to Melbourne by K.F. Russell, 1971