Scientific Equipment
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Date: Early 20th Century

Materials: wood, glass, organic specimens

Glass Slide Collection

Maker: Bausch & Lomb Optical Co (estab. 1876)

Date: Circa 1904

Materials: plated metal, paint, and varnished wood

Microtome, serial number 5019


Date: 1895

Materials: brass, steel, paint

Reichert microtome


Date: (1880-1890)

Materials: wood, cardboard, glass

Various biological sections, as six slides in six drawers, some made by E Wheeler of London



Materials: wood, paint and brass

Ringing turntable

Maker: Swift & Son (estab. 1853, closed 1968)

Date: Circa 1890

Materials: metal (painted), brass, cork

Sliding microtome


Date: Circa 1890

Materials: wood (varnished), brass, steel, glass and rubber

Cathcart freezing microtome


Date: Circa 1920

Materials: plated and painted metal, glass, rubber

Cathcart freezing microtome with diagram, in case

Maker: The Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company (estab. 1881, closed 1895)

Date: 1884

Materials: brass, steel, metal

Freezing microtome

Maker: Ernst Leitz snr (estab. 1843, closed 1910)

Date: Circa 1900

Materials: Metal (painted).

Sledge microtome

Maker: Spencer Lens Company

Date: 1915

Materials: metal (painted)

Rotary microtome



Materials: Glass, metal, cloth and wood (?).

Slide: glass slide with scale and metal mounts, in box