Medical and Surgical Equipment and Instruments
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Date: Circa 1912

Materials: leatherette, wood, metal

Doctor's Examination couch


Date: Circa 1940

Materials: stainless steel, cast iron, ebonite

Instrument tray


Date: 1940

Materials: metal, glas, textile

Cabinet and contents

Maker: Birtcher Corporation

Date: Circa 1970s

Materials: plastic, metal, rubber

Surgical diathermy

Maker: F Hellige & Co

Date: Circa 1930-1959

Materials: plated and other metals, paint, plastic, glass and rubber

Neoplan' haemometer no 12136


Date: (1900-1909)

Materials: metal

Portable sterilizer

Maker: Boots (Aust) Pty Ltd

Date: (1950-1969)

Materials: metal, cardboard and ink

Viule' hypodermic needles gauge 20 x 13, no RD31356


Date: (1950-1970)

Materials: enamelled and other metal, rubber, cord, leather, paper and ink

"Busch-Thorner Reflexless Pocket Ophthalmoscope" no 9661

Maker: John Smith & Sons Glasgow Ltd

Date: (1930-1969)

Materials: metal and rubber

Axe-head percussion hammer


Date: 1900?-1910?

Materials: Glass and metal.

Irrigator: wound irrigator with metal frame and glass reservoir

Maker: Warner & Webster

Date: (1920-1949)

Materials: glass, rubber, silk thread, cardboard, metal and paint

Saline infusion kit


Date: (1940-1959)

Materials: silver, other metal, cardboard and ink

"Dr Southey's Drainage Trocar" set