Artworks and Commemorative Items
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Maker: WH Thornecroft

Date: 1871

Materials: plaster

Bust of William Sharpey, MD FRS

Maker: Dr Elizabeth K Turner

Date: 1987

Materials: watercolour and ink on paper

"Medical Women are 100 years old this year They've come a long way!"


Date: Circa 1900-1909

Materials: wood, slate and metal

Art student's slate bearing diagrams derived from the human skeleton

Maker: D H Menzies

Date: Circa 1850-1900

Materials: lithograph, mounted

Joseph Lister

Maker: Thomas H Maguire (b.1821, d.1895)

Date: 1850

Materials: lithograph, mounted

Sir Richard Owen (1804-1892)

Maker: W C Geller


Materials: stipple engraving, mounted

John Hunter, after a painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds

Maker: Bernh Vorfling

Date: 1858

Materials: lithograph, mounted

Dr N. Friedrich

Maker: Baugnu

Date: 1846

Materials: lithograph and ink, mounted

Autographed portrait of A Billing presented to Professor George Britton Halford (1824-1910)

Maker: Henry Cousins

Date: 1840

Materials: engraving, mounted

Samuel Cooper Esq Professor of Surgery in University College London', after a painting by Andrew Morton


Date: Circa 1920-1949

Materials: lithograph and ink, mounted

Sir Ewen J. Maclean

Maker: Autotype Company

Date: Circa 1900

Materials: lithograph, mounted

Dr William Howship Dickinson (1832–1913)


Date: Circa 1884

Materials: watercolour and ink, mounted

Congress International Periodique des Sciences Medicals. Copenhague 10-16 AOUT 1884. Section de Chirurgie.