Compassion and Courage: Australian Doctors and Dentists in the Great War
Edited by Jacqueline Healy

Through personal histories and academic essays this book explores the role of medical professionals during WWI and the personal and professional challenges that they faced. It was a time of a great social and technological change and Australians were at the forefront of discovery and innovation. This 180 page publication includes fascinating photographs of the trenches, hospitals and offical portraits, as well as images of archival material such as doctor's case notes, diaries, sketches and even trench maps. The book is now available at the Co-op Bookshop and can be purchased online.

Epilepsy: Perception, Imagination and Change
Edited by Jim Chambliss, Mark Cook and Jacqueline Healy

Attitudes to epilepsy provide an excellent perspective on the collision between magic and science, the earliest records attempting to distinguish between disease and demonic possession. This interpretation of the origin of seizures has influenced significantly the management of the illness over the ages, and continues to inform popular conceptions.  This publication brings together past and present attitudes to epilepsy examining impact on individuals, families and communities. This book is now available at The Co-op Bookshop and can be purchased online.

Highlights of the Collection: Medical History Museum
Edited by Dr Jacqueline Healy

A book presenting fifty specially selected items from the Medical History Museum collection totalling more than 6000 pieces and representing some four centuries of Western medical history. It gathers together leaders in medical practice, research, teaching and related disciplines to bring to light the fascinating stories of people behind each unique artefact.

In this way the book reveals the breadth and depth of the Medical History Museum Collection and hopefully will generate wider curiosity and interest. The publication of this volume celebrates the sesquicentenary of the founding of the Melbourne Medical School 1862.

This book is now available at The Co-op Bookshop and can be purchased online.

Venom: Fear, Fascination and Discovery
Edited by Dr Jacqueline Healy and Kenneth D Winkel

This Book tells of the fascination with the power of venom and the quest for a universal antidote against this most feared of poisons. Over thousands of years Australian Aboriginal people incorporated ways of understanding and dealing with these venomous creatures in their cultural and healing practices. Since the colonial times to the present day the search of an antidote has continued. This book is now available at The Co-op Bookshop and can be purchased online.

Strength of Mind 125 Years of Women in Medicine
Edited by Dr Jacqueline Healy

Women were admitted to Melbourne Medical School in 1887, some 25 years after the course had commenced but 21 years before women were entitled to vote in Victoria. This publication celebrates the achievements of Melbourne Medical School graduates from 1887 to the present. This book is now available at The Co-op Bookshop and can be purchased online.